Homebrew Recipes

English Style Ales

Oatmeal Brown — Experiment with oat malt in an English style brown ale.

Touch of Funk Dry Stout — dry stout with a small sourmash component

English Bitter #3 — Standard bitter brewed in the classic style

American Bitter — a fusion of English bitter and American Amber ales

English Bitter #4 — Standard bitter, tried new malts and yeast

English Bitter #5 — Standard bitter, hopped exclusively with Willamette hops

Gramps Smoked Porter — Porter brewed with peat smoked barley

Squirrel and Needle Brown Ale — a low ABV brown ale with a nutty finish

American Style Ales

Sour Cherry Stout — Dry stout fermented with sour cherries

Snowbirds Flee!! Pale Ale — traditional American style pale ale

Vienna SMaSH — A 100% vienna malt beer split and fermented with different yeasts.

American Wheat — an American version of a wheat beer inspired by Bell’s Solson/Oberon

50/50 Palisade — an simple, malty brown ale for easy drinking

American IPA 3 hops 2 yeasts — using 3 more herbal/piney hops, I made a split batch IPA to test hop expression of WLP 028 vs Wyeast 1056

Belgian Style Ales

Holy Saison Batman! — first attempt at a Saison

Saison Deux — a saison dry hopped with Sorachi and Simcoe

Belgian Dubbel — my first take on a classic Belgian Abbey style beer.

Saison #3 — my third saison, using a yeast strain that includes brettanomyces

Saison de Mars — a play on a Biere de Garde fermented with Saison yeast

Saison #4 – a lower gravity saison intended for every day consumption

Continental Style Lagers

4PM Dunkel — Munich style Dunkel

Bohemian Pilsner — Pilsner in the classic Czech mold

Oktoberfest 2011 — my second try at this classic style


Flemish Red #1 — Red/brown ale brewed to try to replicate the sour ales of Flanders

Funky Blond — Blond ale brewed with Jolly Pumpkin dregs

Lambic #1 — first attempt at a sour beer

Lambic #2 — Second, more traditional approach.

Lambic #3 — Simplified mash for traditional style.

Sour Stout — Inspired by Madrugada Obscura, my take on a funky, tart, pitch black stout

Oud Bruin #1 — My first attempt at this malty/sour brown ale

Oud Bruin #2 — I enjoyed the first one so much, had to make a second.


2009 Varietal experiment — comparing 6 varieties of honey side by side.


2010 Cider — My annual offering.

Test Batch/Experimental Brews

Base Malt Experiment — comparing 5 different base malts side by side

Belgian Yeast Experiment — a comparison of 5 belgian yeasts in identical wort.

British Yeast Experiment — a comparison of 5 British yeasts in identical wort.


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